• Empower - Disciples who are empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped as leaders to minister to the young people and serve the community.
  • Encounter - build vibrant communities where young people can encounter Christ, be transformed by His love, and experience Him through each other as disciples.
  • Engage - Disciples who are ready to engage the commission of Christ: To make disciples of all nations.


Members' Meeting

Weekly meeting: 

  • Young Adults: Oasis - Fridays 8pm
  • Youth: Edify - Sundays 11.30am
  • Youth: Batch 2019 - Sundays 2pm
  • Youth: Batch 2020 - Saturdays 10.30am


Frequency of Activity

Things to look out for:

  1. Alpha for post-confirmation
  2. Annual retreat
  3. Youth worship night 


Interested to Serve (Contact)